Anthology Submission Guidelines

Harrogate Writers Collective

Anthology Submission Guidelines


PROJECT DATES: Summer 2024 for a Winter 2024 launch


We are continuing our very open theme of New Work II, so whatever you have that is new or in any other way fits the theme, you are welcome to submit it. The anthology is multi genre and mutlti-format, so we accept fiction, non-fiction, plays, screenplays, poems, drawings, illustrations or photos.

Word Count

Each piece should be up to 7,000 words per piece in length; please do not send anything longer than this.

Multiple and simultaneous submissions

It’s fine to send us more than one piece. In fact, we’d love to see two or three. Please don’t send more than three narrative pieces or four poetry/verse.

Depending on how many pieces we get, we may not be able to publish all of your pieces in this anthology, so please order your pieces in preferential order.

Deadlines and when to submit

Our call for  submissions is now open. The deadline is Wednesday 31st July, 2024.


We just ask for the right to keep the story in print as part of the anthology.

We don’t ask for more rights than we need to produce the anthology, nor do or place any limits on what you can do with your story.

Copyright always remains with the author.

File formats

If possible, please submit your short story in .docx or .doc format. For scripts in final draft or other software please export to word format

Submission fee

There is no submission fee for any story submitted.

Distribution & Sales

The plan is to print and sell the books digitally and hard copy, at a nominal recommended price.

Sales from the book will cover the costs to produce with any surplus funds going to Children’s Book Project

Author Bios

We’d love to include an author bios section, but we can only do so it everyone includes one in their submission. Please add a bio to your submission, it needn’t be long or detailed, just a few lines on you, perhaps what you liek to write, perhaps what drew you to write your piece, something that will give the reader a little insight into our authors.


How To Submit

Copy the below into the body of an email, complete the fields and send to

Don’t forget to attach the file of your submission to the email.

Your Name 

Your Pen Name (Please give your name as you would like it to appear in the story credit if you’re published. Leave blank if it’s the same as above.)

Your Email Address

Your Social Handles/Website (if you have these)

Author Biography (Just a couple of lines, with anything relevant to the subject matter, or any previous publications.)

Approximate Word Count This should be be up to 7000 words.

Brief Synopsis (Tell us about your story)